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Pharmacy Chain


Pharmacy Chain


Case Study: Pharmacy chai----YOLIPAI

Place:    Quanzhou ,China

Numbers of Stores: 20000

Numbers of Employees:100000

Average of Turnover:

Average Numbers of ESLS: 3000


Through the Vodafone ERP software (make shop management easier), full-share platform (make supply and demand cooperation easier), and mobile marketing platform (make terminal sales simpler), the four major businesses of LOFEE ESLS complement each other and help stores to get online. Under the data management "people, goods, field", link up and down the industry, integration of resources and services, effectively improve the efficiency of the industry, make beauty and retail more simple.



1. Personalized membership services, secondary identification of member profile information, historical consumption records

2. Intelligent store management, adjust display layout according to customers' visiting trajectory, improve ping effect

3. Operational effect can be quantified, intuitively present passenger flow, sales conversion rate.


Staff are freed up from LOFEE ESLS, allowing them to spend more time serving customers and preparing skin care products and the daily necessities. Labels also carry information such as an individual product’s expiry or delivery date, allowing staff both to keep control of stock and better answer customer enquiries.



The original sales target is 1000 pre-sale cards, estimated to be completed in 5 days, and the actual sales will be 25 hours. The sales target is completed 3 days in advance. In the later period, the customer's skin care products category returned to 30% conversion, and the daily necessities category also had a good lead. This data has great power and tempting power for traditional terminal stores.


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