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Fresh Supermarket


Fresh Supermarket


Case Study : Fresh supermarket

Place: Fuzhou, China

Number of stores: 117

Number of empolyees:1540

Average of Turnover:US$397 million

Average of Number of ESLS: 3500PCS

1. Problem:

The fierce competition in the retail market requires the creation of their own comparative advantages: they are mainly focused on the upgrading of stores, the application of new technologies, the upgrading of services, and the improvement of the membership system.

2. Implementation:

Through LOFEE ESLS, the price of the product on the shelf can be automatically updated, online and offline product information (price change, inventory, shelf life, traceability, promotion information, electronic payment) can be synchronized in time, and the management system of SIX WISHES can be optimized and improved.

3. Solution:

Technologically-advanced, SIX WISHES  has been quick to take up digital price displays and has shown the highest level of acceptance for electronic shelf labelling. Customers benefit from the numerous promotions carried out daily, increasing overall sales.

4. Result:

The SIX WISHES market is fully convinced by the efficiency of electronic shelf labelling. All stores have rolled out with Pricer Continuum labels, and SIX WISHES continues to update their stores with the latest LOFEE ESLS electronic shelf labels.


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